MeetMe Videoconferences

Meet-Me Room scheduling provides ad-hoc video and/or audio meeting capabilities. MeetMe technologies support any combination traditional video classroom systems, desktop web browsers and telephone.


Video connections are on a shared bridge and the availability of resources is not guaranteed. Use IVN scheduling if you want bridging resources that are dedicated for an event or if you want to control who can connect to an event.

IVN (Scheduled Videoconferences)

The North Dakota Interactive Video Network (IVN) provides face-to-face collaboration using H.323 high quality video and audio which allows two or more locations/sites to connect for scheduled classes or meetings. University credit classes have first priority for scheduling services. Other events, such as meetings or non-credit classes can be scheduled after the credit class schedule has been finalized each semester. Desktop video and audio connections are available in IVN classrooms.


CTS Responsibilities related to IVN:

  • Serve as liaison to IVN Campus Coordinators.
  • Assist with understanding and clarifying policies and procedures.
  • Provide training resources or assistance for video conference features and faculty.
  • Technical support:
    • Coordinate network operations and resolve problems with NDUS administration, NDUS campus leadership, and the state’s Information Technology Department (ITD).
    • Seek ways to improve the network and support efficient and effective delivery of videoconferences.
    • Provide general technical support to IVN Campus Coordinators upon request. Direct inquires to appropriate support or resources.


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Each Institution of the NDUS has an IVN Site Coordinator:


Campus Phone Number
Bismarck State College 701-224-5484
Dakota College at Bottineau 701-228-5601
Dickinson State University 701-483-2541
Lake Region State College 701-662-1639
Mayville State University 701-788-4723
Minot State University 701-858-3984
North Dakota State College of Science 701-671-2566/701-671-2190
North Dakota State University 701-793-3105
University of North Dakota 701-777-4584
Valley City State University 701-845-7341
Williston State College 701-774-4594/701-774-4590


Other Phone Number
Dakota Nursing Program 701-6621650
NDSU Extension Service 701-231-7881
ND Tribal Colleges 701-854-8003
What type of tech support is available?

Level 1 Support — Campus meetings can be operated by event participants. Training on the equipment will be provided.

Level 2 Support — Technicians will be on-hand to start the meeting and ensure the connection is established. Follow-up support will be provided in an on-call basis.

For either Level 1 or Level 2 support, contact your IVN Campus Coordinator to make arrangements.

How many sites can be connected at one time?

Although the bridge allows for up to 80 connections, it is not practical to schedule that many. It is recommended to have 7-12 sites to encourage participation at each site. Connections which include videoconferencing classrooms plus desktop or web conferencing connections, have been known to schedule up to 25 sites. However; realize with an increased number of sites, technical difficulties at the receiving sites with camera or audio quality may exist. Be prepared to have tech support available at the host site to help troubleshoot if problems arise.

How many sites can be viewed?

Typical videoconferencing is set to the voice activated mode. Sites will switch on the monitor when someone at another site speaks. Another format that can be used upon request is the continuous presence format. A number of sites can be viewed on one screen, from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 21. Ask your IVN Campus Coordinator when scheduling your event about your options.

Can I schedule a connection with a site outside of our network/state?

Yes, although prior testing is needed to ensure the connection and avoid firewalls. Testing must be completed on the other site(s) equipment at least 2-4 weeks prior to the event. Contact your IVN Campus Coordinator to assist you.

Can I make changes or cancel an event?

Changes or cancellations should be made no less than two business days before the date of the event. This allows time for the facilitator to notify the participants of any changes once they have been made. Contact your campus IVN Coordinator to make any changes or cancellation.

Can the event be recorded?

Yes, it can be recorded. Your IVN Campus Coordinator can make the arrangements and provide you with a link to share with attendees following the event.

Will I be billed for the event?

All non-NDUS events will be charged $20/hr/site to cover event administration and local technical support costs. Each institution will separately invoice the non-NDUS group.