Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services is the business unit responsible for design, development, implementation, maintenance, and administration of enterprise-class information technology solutions while providing IT leadership, vision, and planning for the University System. The unit supports enterprise-level software applications including a document imaging system, dashboard software, learning management systems, student information systems, web solutions, and mobile applications. Enterprise Services is comprised of teams that are highly integrated to provide complete solutions to serve the needs of NDUS constituents.

Learning Management System

Blackboard Learn is the Learning Management System. A single instance Learn environment creates a unified user experience across all 11 institutions of the NDUS.


Secure File Transfer System

Enterprise Services continues to provide configuration and administrative services for LiquidFiles (sendfiles) and MOVEit MFT (Managed File Transfer) Solution offering secure exchange of critical business data and sensitive files both internally and externally. These systems ensure delivery to the intended recipients and document transfer activities with an audit trail and enforces file retention policies.


Data Analysis System

The team continues to work with all areas of CTS to integrate their systems into Splunk, currently there are 15 systems connected, with many more on a defined priority list. CTS uses Splunk for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data. This initiative has allowed CTS to automate the collection, indexing and alerting of real-time machine data that is critical to CTS’s operations and security.


Mass Communication Delivery Systems

The ES staff runs and maintains the day-to-day operations of the statewide Listserv system as well as the NDUS Blackboard Connect notification system. Currently within the Listserv system there are 4,304 lists, averages over 42,400 emails a month to subscribers. The Blackboard Connect system has 43 unique sites across the 11 institutions and system office. Bb Connect is used to send targeted emails, phone calls, SMS, as well as other message types.



CTS provides application administration for nearly fifty software applications hosted in the data center (On-Premise OP) and in a cloud service (Software as a Services SaaS). Software Application Administration Services include:

  • Architectural design (OP)
  • Application and Desktop Virtualization (OP)
  • Installation and implementation (OP)
  • Administration (OP/SaaS)
  • Upgrades and patching (OP) Server replacements (OP) Security (OP/SaaS)
  • Integration and Middleware
  • (OP/SaaS) Backup (OP)
  • Data recovery (OP) Tuning (OP) Support/Troubleshooting (OP/SaaS)
  • Vendor relations (OP/SaaS) Budget (OP/SaaS)
  • Contract renewal (OP/SaaS)


Document Imaging

During the last year, the Document Imaging team implemented systemwide integration for automatic import of Hobsons application. The team has completed the workflows for Records, Admissions and Student Financial Aid Workflows for all institutions. Perceptive Experience was implemented and launched in May for the viewing of documents within any web browser while providing additional mobile browsing support. The expansion of Transform online forms grew from 107 to 176 live forms with three forms that were implemented systemwide. In support of end user staff development, further training was developed to better prepare department power users for management of their application business processes.