Current Initiatives

The ServiceOne Program



Maturing CTS’ operational functions into an efficient, effective, relationship-based environment where “One” means:

  • importance placed on high quality services.
  • priority given to best practices and processes.
  • partnering with NDUS Institutions to deliver streamlined, customized service according to their unique needs.

Nelnet Project

Currently all 11 campuses are using the TouchNet (TN) payment system ePay and two of the campuses, North Dakota State University (NDSU) and University of North Dakota (UND) are using an additional solution called PayPath to charge a convenience/merchant fee back to the student. Other solutions in TN campuses may use are eBill, and Marketplace uPay sites, and stores.
At this point, with a time constraint, it is determined to implement services that campuses are currently using in TN to mirror in Nelnet. If time allows and there is resource capacity, the project team will consider implementing additional Nelnet features to campuses if they are interested.

This project will implement a payment system, Nelnet, throughout the 11 campuses, and Core Technology Services (CTS). Included in this implementation are: Quikpay instance that will consist of 11 individual nodes, eBill, Payment Plans (PP), and Commerce Manager. Rolling out the implementation details to the campuses will be identified in the planning stages of the project.

Project Documents

Approved Project Charter.docx

Status Reports

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