IT Policies and Procedures

North Dakota State Board of Higher Education policies and North Dakota University System procedures govern the use of University System computing facilities, equipment, software, and data. The State Board of Higher Education also manages and regulates information technology planning and services for institutions under its control in keeping with state law.


Users of University System computing resources and network systems must comply with all applicable laws, policies and procedures. This includes computer usage, data processing or storage functions, servers, networks, input and output devices, computer programs and software.


University System computing facilities may not be used for illegal purposes or be used to enter or send material that is obscene, defamatory or intended to annoy, harass or alarm another person. Employees, students or other users who violate any of these policies or procedures will be subject to discipline and/or may be denied access to University System computing facilities.


The North Dakota University System Chancellor is delegated authority and directed to develop information technology planning, policies, standards, guidelines, and project management oversight and reporting in coordination with the state information technology department. NDUS information technology (IT) projects shall comply with established standards, guidelines, procedures, and processes.


An annual report concerning higher education information technology planning and services is prepared for the board. In addition, information on higher education information technology planning services and major projects are provided on request to the information technology committee.


State Board of Higher Education Policies related to Information Technology

NDUS Procedures