Campus Connection

Campus Connection is an Oracle Peoplesoft product and the selected Student Information System used by the 11 colleges within the North Dakota University System. Campus Connection is also the student system of record for over 40 integrated and connected systems. Within Campus Connection are defined modules to administer, track and assist students in their Post-Secondary educations.


Recruiting and Admissions

Recruiting and Admissions administers the institution’s admission process by managing recruiters and tracking prospects and applicants. Admissions offices have the ability to empower prospective students through the self-service applications offered with Recruiting and Admissions includes automated processes such as application evaluations, external test score loading, recruitment category assignment, application loading from test score data, and academic transcript loading using the PeopleSoft EDI Manager tool.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid provides a powerful and flexible tool to manage the operations of an institution’s financial aid office. The system starts with Federal and Institutional Aid applications and leads you through automated need calculations, budgets, awards, disbursements, loan processing, and tracking data. Support of Department of Education regulations are incorporated into Financial Aid on a regular basis so that the institution remains in compliance with Department of Education regulations and has access to new federal aid initiatives. Financial Aid helps you process and track loan applications under the federal Direct Lending and Federal Family Educational Loan Program (FFELP), along with state, university, and alternative loan programs more efficiently and effectively.

Student Financials

Student Financials is a tool for higher education institutions to manage student receivables, billing, collections, and cashiering. Using Student Financials, both staff and students can quickly find and use the financial information they need to make critical decisions. This in conjunction with our chosen Payment Vendor, Nelnet, and allows secure payment through PCI secure transmissions.

Student Records

Student Records enables you to enter, track, and process all the academic information. PeopleSoft minimizes repetitive data entry while enabling you to gain maximum control over the records—from the course catalog and schedule of classes to student programs, plans, and subplans. After applicants are admitted and matriculate, Student Records moves forward to activate, enroll, grade, evaluate, and graduate students. In conjunction with the Academic Advisement processes, the Student Records application tracks students through graduation.


  • Academic Advisement is the application within Campus Connection that is used to track the requirements and policies that a student must satisfy to graduate. As a student progresses toward graduation, Academic Advisement analyzes those courses completed by the student—both successfully and unsuccessfully—and ascertains what requirements are still outstanding. Using data from Student Records and requirements entered in Academic Advisement, this application automatically tracks a student’s degree progress. After you enter requirements into the system, you can analyze a student’s data against the requirements to report degree progress. You can also perform what-if scenarios for student to see what courses they might need to complete for a specific major

Campus Community

Campus Community brings it all together and enables you to maintain and manage a wide range of basic information about people and organizations of interest to the institution. Each application within Campus Connection relies on this data which includes an individual’s or organization’s name, address, and system ID.


In addition, the Campus Connection staff are responsible for 3rd party systems including:

  • Adirondack’s student housing software


  • Maxient’s student conduct functionality and Title IX tracking


  • T2’s Parking management system


  • Ad Astra’s room scheduling software


  • Accruent’s FAMIS application for Facilities Management


Training & Documentation

Campus Connection training and documentation is located here.


Vendor Service Request

If you are a vendor and need to submit a service request to the Campus Connection team, please fill out the form located here.