• <a href='http://cts.ndus.edu/featured/mobile-access-to-campus-connection,-hrms-much-improved/'>Recent updates to the NDUS mobile portal has vastly improved access to Campus Connection, HRMS</a>
  • <a href='http://cts.ndus.edu/featured/tegrity-brings-lectures-to-students/'>Content capture system is making a difference for students throughout the North Dakota University System</a>
  • <a href='http://cts.ndus.edu/featured/ivn-usage-remains-strong/'>After 26 years on the job, IVN continues be one of the most popular and dependable academic technologies within the North Dakota University System</a>

CTS Overview

Core Technology Services (CTS) provides secure information management and technology services to North Dakota University System students, faculty, staff, and state residents.

CTS links academic and business services with the NDUS community, connecting users to the information and educational resources they need to accomplish their goals.