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Institutional Research (IR)

The NDUS Department of Institutional Research (NDUS-IR) is located in the state capitol and serves as a system level organization for reporting and data services.  NDUS-IR is responsible for annual enrollment reporting to the State Board of Higher Education (SBHE), oversight of required federal reporting, providing data services to NDUS system office staff, and responding to data requests from legislators and other external agencies.

NDUS Rates and Reporting

For NDUS graduation and retention rates, enrollment reporting, and other public data/reporting, scroll to the bottom of this page.



Dr. Jennifer Weber Director of Institutional Research
Dr. Gregory Carlson Institutional Researcher – Special Projects/DPI
Ryan Jockers Strategic Analytics Coordinator
Dr. Ellie Shockley Institutional Researcher – Special Projects/DPI
Priti Upadhyay Data Analyst

Research Code of Ethics

NDUS-IR subscribes to ethical principles and guidelines for the protection of privacy and confidentiality of students.   Our code of ethics is located here:  Code of Ethics for Institutional Research professionals.

State Longitudinal Data System

NDUS is a participating member of the North Dakota State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS).  The Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) is a series of secured data warehouses comprised of historical education and workforce training data. The objective of the SLDS is to provide data on the outcomes of ND education and workforce training programs.

Strategic Planning

NDUS-IR maintains the dashboard and dashboard metrics for the SBHE Strategic Plan.  Metrics are updated on a regular basis.

North Dakota Department of Public Instruction Partnership

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) maintains a partnership with NDUS-IR for research and data services.  Additionally, NDUS-IR and NDDPI collaborate with the North Dakota Information Technology Department (ITD) on the ND Insights project.  The ND Insights project is a set of statewide dashboards for K-12 school accountability, and is located at insights.nd.gov.


NDUS System-wide Rates

Graduation Rate

(100% IPEDS)

Graduation Rate

(150% IPEDS)

Retention Rate


Developmental Course Enrollment Rate
29% 50% 74% 24%

 NDUS Enrollment Reporting

Annual Enrollment (2017-18)
Fall Census Enrollment (2018)
Spring Census Enrollment (2018)
Program Enrollment Numbers (2018)
Programs Completed by CIP Code (2017-18)
 NDUS Enrollment Reporting for prior years is located  HERE

Current Ad-Hoc Reporting

2017 Study of Distance Education (DE) Enrollment

2018 FollowUp Study on Distance Education – Online Enrollment

2018 NDUS-Changes in College Attendance Patterns of Traditional College Students
2018 NDUS Developmental Enrollment


NDUS Strategic Plan Dashboards NDUS specific data for the NDUS Strategic Plan goals and objectives
ND Insights K-12 public school accountability reporting
SLDS Data Explorer ND State Longitudinal Data System provides statewide data pertaining to North Dakota K-12 and college students, including K-12 state assessment, ACT, ND academic scholarships, and enrollment in NDUS

Last update:12/4/2018