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University Affiliation

Each University needs to have the appropriate University affiliation. The University abbreviation will become part of the name of the listserv - for example

  • Extension agencies please select NDSUEXT
  • Affiliates of the North Dakota University System please select NDUS
  • Other agencies not listed below please select OTHER

List Name

Please enter a name for the list. The list name will follow the University abbreviation - for example: Due to duplication, the list name cannot be guaranteed. A notification containing the exact name of your list will be emailed to you once the list is created. Please avoid using any special characters in the list name - use only letters, numbers, or dashes.

NOTE: There can be no spaces in the list name - use only a dash (-) to separate names.

List Title

Reply To


List Archives

The List Archive function will allow you and your subscribers to view all messages via the list either by command or the web interface.


The list owner is responsible for managing the list and receives any error messages pertaining to the list. A primary owner is required, and a list may have only one primary owner.  A secondary list owner is optional. A secondary owner will have the same access as the primary owner, but will not receive error messages. Please include the full name, along with a complete email address.

NOTE: List requests must include an owner (primary or secondary) from one of the NDUS Institutions.

Primary Owner

Secondary Owner(s)

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