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Academic Services & Communication

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Academic Services and Communication provides leadership in current and emerging technologies that expand and enhance teaching and learning opportunities across the North Dakota University System. We work with the institutions of the NDUS to develop and deliver enterprise instructional systems, services, and technologies. System-wide applications include learning management systems; lecture capture technologies; Intranet technologies; and video conferencing, audio conferencing and web conferencing solutions. Academic Services and Communication provides the NDUS with IT Services Management, including the management and coordination of the NDUS Help Desk, related services, and communication. Academic Services and Communication also works with the NDUS institutions to research, analyze and promote the use and emergence of instructional technologies within academics.

NDUS Help Desk: 866-457-6387

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Academic Services & Communication Staff

Jerry Rostad
Assistant CIO
701-239-6668 (Fargo)
Patti Heisler
Assistant Director – Academic Services
John Underwood
IT Services Manager
Randy Wald
Learning Technology Specialist
701-239-6623 (Fargo)
701-777-2053 (Grand Forks)
Cheryl Thompson
Learning Technology Specialist
701-239-6676 (Fargo)
701-777-6565 (Grand Forks)