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IT Procurement

CTS is committed to acquiring the best product to suit the business unit’s need at the best price using a fair and equitable process. In order to meet this high standard, CTS has developed methodologies and templates to assist our procurement officers. For questions or more information please contact the Office of the CIO.

Dirk Huggett (dirk.huggett@ndus.edu)

Procurement Templates

P3/M has moved all of its templates to the NDUS intranet site inside.NDUS. You can find the Procurement Templates in IT Procurement. This is a secure site requiring NDUS credentials. If you are unable to access that site and wish to see our templates, please contact as noted above.

Current Solicitations

NDUS CTS uses the State Procurement Office (SPO) website to post IT solicitations. Information regarding solicitations can be found on their SPO Online Service page.