Data Sets

This page contains csv files for individuals seeking historical demographic data for the North Dakota University System.  Where available, data files contain data by 1institution

In cases where data is summed up to NDUS total, the total may duplicate students who are enrolled in multiple NDUS institutions during the same term.

All data is census data as reported in the annual Fall Enrollment reports.


Data Set 2Years Inclusive File
Total Headcount 1970-2016 TOT HC
Full Time Headcount 1970-2016 FT HC
Part Time Headcount 1970-2016 PT HC
Undergrad Headcount 1970-2016 UG HC
Graduate & Professional Headcount 1970-2016 G/P HC
Full Time Equivalencies (FTE) 1970-2016 FTE
Age Grouping 1991-2016 AGE
Schedule Credit Hours (SCH) 1970-2016 SCH
3Minnesota Undergrad 1970-2016 MN UG
3Minnesota Grad & Professional 1970-2016 MN G/P
4North Dakota UG/GR 1969-2016 ND
Beginning Freshmen 1989-2016 NEW FROSH
Transfer In Students 1970-2016 TRANSFER
Gender = Male 1969-2016 G=M
Gender = Female 1969-2016 G=F
Race = White 1970-2016 E=W

1 – Institutions are listed in datasets as they exist currently. For example, Williston State College is listed as WSC in all years of datasets, even though it existed prior to 1999 as UND-Williston.

2 – In datasets that include 1970, the difference between the total NDUS enrollment and the sum of institutions is accounted for by enrollment at now defunct UND-Ellendale branch

3 – Students are classified as MN if their home address/state is listed as MN.

4 – Students are classified as ND if their home address/state is listed as ND.  Includes both undergraduate and graduate/professional students.