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Institutional Research (IR)


NDUS System-wide Rates

Graduation Rate

(100% IPEDS)

Graduation Rate

(150% IPEDS)

Retention Rate


Developmental Course Enrollment Rate
25% 49% 74% 25%
Rate breakdown by individual NDUS institutions is located HERE

 NDUS Enrollment Reporting

Annual Enrollment (2016-2017)
Fall Census Enrollment (2017)
Spring Census Enrollment (2018)
Program Enrollment Numbers (2017)
Programs Completed – degrees & certificates by CIP (2015-2016)
 NDUS Enrollment Reporting for prior years is located  HERE

Current Ad-Hoc Reporting

2017 Study of Distance Education (DE) Enrollment


NDUS Strategic Plan Dashboards NDUS specific data for the NDUS Strategic Plan goals and objectives
NDUS Enrollment Dashboards NDUS enrollment data visually disaggregated by institution, term, and demographics
SLDS Data Explorer ND State Logtitudinal Data System provides statewide data pertaining to North Dakota K-12 and college students, including K-12 state assessment, ACT, ND academic scholarships, and enrollment in NDUS

Last update: 02/22/2018