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SFTP Server/Sophie Access

Procedures for SFTP Server/Sophie Access

Steps to Request Access to Files On the SFTP Server

  • A requestor will electronically complete the Access Request for SFTP, NDUS-CND-014, and the NDUS Confidential Information Agreement, NDUS-CND-017, and attach the forms to an email that will be sent to his/her supervisor. (The requestor will probably need to seek the advice of the Functional Lead or Business Analyst to obtain the names of directory and/or subdirectories needed.) The forms can be downloaded from: http://cts.ndus.edu/sits-departments/connectnd/security/forms-security/
  • See instructions associated with the NDUS-CND-014 form for requesting and removing access.

NOTE: The directories on the SFTP Server are to be used to drop off and/or pickup files and NOT for storage.