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NDUS Security Forms

NDUS Security Forms

Please Note:   We are in the process of transitioning the forms to Team Dynamix

Please review instructions before using the forms.

NDUS-CND-005 Access Control Officer Authorization Request Form Instruction
NDUS-CND-006 Access Request for Campus Solutions
Campus Solutions Role Definitions
Form Instruction
NDUS-CND-007 Access Request for HRMS
HRMS Role Definitions
Form Instruction
NDUS-CND-008 Access Request for Financials
Financials Role Definitions
Form Instruction
NDUS-CND-011 Access Request for Touchnet Form Instruction
NDUS-CND-015 Access Request for Qry Mgr/Viewer in Report Envr Form Instruction
NDUS-CND-018 Query Statement of Understanding Form Instruction
NDUS-CND-020 Request for NDUS Personnel or Consultants Form Instruction
NDUS-CND-021 Statement of Understanding for Generic Accounts Form Instruction