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HRMS Training Manuals


Employee Self-Service Manager Self-Service Administrators Budget Module
ESS Absence MSS Absence Administrator Absence HE Reorg Process
ESS Time and Labor MSS Time and Labor Administrator Time and Labor Budget Module
ESS Manual Getting to Know Fluid Core HR Budget Mdle Req Forms
Tax Withholding ND POI Part 1 Reports & Queries, Budget Setup, FIN Target Budget Entry (1:08:48) recording Available here
Creating Org Charts (22:18) recording Available here.  (Recommended browser: Google Chrome) I-9 Part 2 HRMS Budgeting, Update FIN Targets with Approved HR Budgets, Reconciliation, Update FIN and HR (44:57) recording Available here
Enterprise Learning
Tenure Data
Appendix A: Payroll Higher Education Earnings Codes
Appendix B: Payroll Processing Summary
Appendix C: Payroll Reconciliation
Appendix D: Payroll Reports
Appendix E: Action/Reason Table
Commitment Accting
Query Training 2017
CACO User Guide
HE Delete Run Control IDs
Recruiting Solutions