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State/NDUS Joint Committees

Because ConnectND is a joint implementation of Oracle’s PeopleSoft software for the Financials and HRMS applications, in shared databases, joint governance and communication is essential. This coordination is accomplished through three groups: the ConnectND Management Team, the ConnectND Board, and the ConnectND Executive Sponsors.

ConnectND Management Team

The ConnectND Management team consists of the application directors, program managers, and technical managers who handle the day-to-day operation of the systems.  The chair is elected by members from the members.

Group responsibilities include:
1.  Managing operations and planning updates for the Financials, HRMS, student, and ancillary systems
2.  Providing leadership and assisting the Campus Advisory Committee and functional user groups in addressing common issues and solutions
3.  Working with all entities to create the annual report
4.  Escalating operational issues that cannot be resolved at this level

The ConnectND Management Team meets quarterly or at the call of the chair.

ConnectND Board

The ConnectND Board consists of the chairs of each of the executive oversight committees, a designated representative from each of the executive oversight committees, the state CIO and an NDUS vice-chancellor. The NDUS CIO is a non-voting member.

The group is authorized to:
1.    Approve a vision that supports North Dakota’s strategic direction
2.    Set priorities impacting both the state and NDUS
3.    Provide a final escalation point for ConnectND issues
4.    Champion the need to change
5.    Remove obstacles that may impact ongoing success
6.    Assist staff in developing momentum and a cooperative spirit
7.    Facilitate communication as required
8.    Solicit ConnectND resources
9.    Review ConnectND budget and implementation plan timelines and milestones
10.  Oversee periodic external ConnectND program management audits

The board meets semiannually or at the call of the chair.

ConnectND Executive Sponsors

ConnectND Executive Sponsors include the chairs of the state and NDUS executive oversight committees, the governor’s chief of staff, the NDUS chancellor, and the chair and vice-chair of the Interim Legislative IT Committee, or their designees.  The state and NDUS CIOs will attend as non-voting members and will provide staff support.

The sponsor’s responsibilities include:
1.  Encourage ConnectND staff, state agencies, and campuses to review and improve administrative services and business practices
2.  Participate in communication
3.  Receive information regarding budget and implementation plan timelines and milestones
4.  Solicit ConnectND resources

The group meets annually or at the request of the ConnectND board.