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Connect ND User Groups

ConnectND strives to be a user-driven organization. A number of committees help make that happen at operational, tactical, and strategic levels. Multiple user groups advise the directors of the Campus Solutions, Financial Management and Human Capital Management systems about operational use of the software to improve business processes.

Information is frequently between users and the ConnectND staff via listservs and other communication means. Here are the instructions to subscribe to a listserv:

  1. Send an email to Listserv@listserv.nodak.edu
  2. Leave the subject line blank of the email
  3. In the body (not subject) of the email enter the following
    1. SUB NDUS-HRMS yourfirstname yourlastname

Please note: yourfirstname and yourlastname are your name (must be at least two words)

In addition, a work group consisting of members from each of the user groups comes together yearly to organize the North Dakota Higher Education User’s Group (NDHEUG) conference.