CS 9.2 FAQs

Q. Is there still bread crumbs navigation?
A. No. We know this is a major bummer but hope you find navigating with the new functionality very user friendly.

Q. Is there an easy way to direct someone to the location you want them to go without using the bread crumbs navigation?
A. The best way is to reference the Navigation menu on the right hand of the page. The search feature is very robust and can usually find the page quite easily, if you have security permissions for it.

Q. I just viewed the Oracle training videos. Will our system look just like this?
A. No. These are just examples of what it can look like.

Q. Will there be on-site student training? I feel lots of questions and calls are going to be generated.
A. At this time, the CTS department doesn’t plan to deliver student on-site training. This doesn’t mean that individual campuses won’t be providing their own student training. Some have included training in new student orientation and plan to send info to current students. Our NDUS CTS help desks have all been trained or given documentation. The Student Homepage has been locked down so they can’t delete the delivered tiles (but they can move them). We have engaged students from the NDSA CTS Advisory Task Force and they felt that most students will be able to adapt and not have questions with the new design. They felt student navigation videos would be helpful. CTS has produced a Student Enrollment 9 minute video found here and a 10 minute Student Navigation video found here.

Q. Advisors need access to more robust class search features.  Advisors also need to be able to navigate student views because we are the staff responsible for teaching, training, guiding students through Campus  Connection screens and navigation both in person and over the phone.
A. Thank you for making this suggestion! We are currently in the process of making some changes so you have this capability.

Q. Currently, when I help students register and enroll over the phone, I know when they are admitted and can tell if they have security to register based on what screen they see in Campus Connection. How will I know that in the new CS 9.2?
A. It will be something similar. They will see the Student Homepage but everything will be blank – they won’t have any tiles. Once they see the tiles, they are able to register.

Q. Is there a mobile app they can download from the app store?
A. The Highpoint mobile app will be going away with this upgrade because the mobile functionality is now embedded in the Oracle delivered software. The Oracle mobile app is end of life. We suggest a link to Campus Connection could be put on the individual institution’s mobile app. Most mobile phones also have the ability to save a website onto their phone.

Q. What is the difference between adding a tile to a homepage versus adding it to a favorite or adding it to the NavBar?
A. All these options function the same. It’s just different ways for each person to personalize how they want to use the system.

Q. I was in training and I added some favorites and created a new home page. Will these be in my profile after we Go Live on July 15th?
A. We have looked into this but because there are many ways to customize your navigation experience, it’s not recommended that we copy Homepages or other navigation preferences from Test or Stage to the Production environment. With the relatively short time we have to perform the 9.0 to 9.2 upgrade during Go Live weekend, we just don’t want to risk adding more complexity than is necessary. You still have Stage access for 2 weeks after we Go Live and you can do a stare and compare or screenshot what you did in Stage to add to Prod. Plus it gives you another chance to practice this. Going forward, these things shouldn’t be overwritten when we do the PUM (what we call bundles in 9.0) upgrades once they are already in Production.

Q. While attending the training, I found it useful to view what the students see with the test student account access. Can I still use this until we go live so I can be familiar with this in order to help students?
A. The test student accounts during training are only for training. We are happy to set you up with a test student account. Please send a request to a CTS Business Analyst.

Q. The old CS 9.0 didn’t like the back button. Does the new CS 9.2 like it?
A. We don’t seem to notice as many issues in CS 9.2 using the back button but we still recommend using the navigation buttons.

Q. I use two monitors, can I still use two screens?
A. Yes. The “Open New Window” functionality will still be available in 9.2.

Q. When accepting Financial Aid, can students accept a reduced award amount?
A. Yes.

Q. Where are the NDU Applications?
A. The NDU Applications can be accessed using the Nav Bar or you can find it by using the Search feature and selecting it that way.  You can also add the NDU Applications tile to your home page.

Q. If I change the order of my tiles on my personal homepage by just dragging them to their new position, will they stay that way even though I’m not in the “personalize my homepage” function?
A. Yes. They will stay how you organized them.

Q. What is the new Production url after we Go Live? I want to update my documentation.
A. This will not change. You will log in with the same url you use today to go to the Production environment.

Q. Will the letters I have already entered to run thru communications generation still work after the upgrade is done?                                                          A. Yes, existing queued recurrences will be copied to the new 9.2 environment.  However, we encourage you to make note of those processes in 9.0 and verify the copy when we go live in 9.2.