Student Resources

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure you have a successful class over IVN

Finding your Classroom

Click on the link here for a list of campus maps to assist you in finding your classroom

Classroom Protocol


Microphones in all IVN classrooms are turned off (muted) at the start of the class.
The system will detect a person speaking and the network video automatically switches to the speaker’s site. The video will remain at the speaker’s site until someone at another site begins talking.

Microphones are strategically placed throughout the classroom to allow for normal conversation. Speak as you would in a traditional classroom. It is not necessary to lean forward to speak, but avoid leaning backward.

Avoid chit chat and other low noises. The microphones are very sensitive and will activate the camera to focus on any individual making noise. Avoid pen tapping and paper shuffling.

Getting the instructor’s attention

The instructor will establish some form of protocol that allows you to get their attention. It is helpful to say, “This is (your name) at (site). e.g. “This is Dave at Minot”. There will be a short delay before the video switches to the speaker, so talk long enough for the system to switch to your site.

Technical problems

If you cannot see or hear during an event, please bring the problem to the attention of the instructor or classroom technician immediately.

Food and drink policy

Follow your classroom’s guidelines for food and beverage. Usually bottled or covered containers will be allowed for water, pop, or coffee.

Cell phones

Turn off cell phones before the start of your class. If you need to make a call on your phone, please do so outside the classroom.

Instructor Contact

Unlike traditional classes, it is not as easy to visit with an instructor before or after a class. As a component in a distance education course, your instructor should provide you with contact information including how and when to contact him/her.


Check with your instructor for procedures for exams for IVN Classes. You should also contact your instructor should you need to make up an exam for personal or weather related reasons.

Student Services

Contact the IVN Campus Coordinator for an explanation of the support services available for distance students. These services include registration, financial aid, library, computer resources, computer labs, bookstore, disability, support services and tutoring.

Recorded Class

A class may be recorded for temporary use for sites that encountered technical problems or for students who missed the class (seek instructor’s permission to record in event of missed absence). Instructors may also record a class for archival purposes or later instructional use.

Class Presentations

If you plan to make a presentation for a class

  • If a computer is already in your IVN classroom — bring a jump drive for your PPT or print off the PPT slides to display on the document camera.
  • If you plan to connect YOUR laptop to the IVN system for a presentation:
    • Check with your campus for any policies or procedures on allowing personal computers – in case they need to be checked prior to use.
    • Set screen resolution to 1024 x 768 before it is connected.
    • It is recommended to bring in your laptop ahead of time to conduct a trial connection.

Inclement Weather

Find out from your instructor how closing announcements will be relayed to the class – whether it be on the campus website, e-mail or within a course learning management system such as Blackboard, Moodle, or e-College.

It is important to note that poor weather may not be affecting all parts of the state, however you must make your own decision regarding travel. If an IVN event is held but your campus is closed or if you are unable to make it, please contact your instructor who can make alternative arrangements with the host location.