Meeting Facilitator Guidelines

Once you have your videoconference meeting planned and scheduled, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Prior to the meeting: Plan Ahead!

  • Notify all participants of the date, time and location of the event.
  • Campus maps are available at:
  • Ask participants to respond ahead of time whether or not they will attend.
    This allows ample time to cancel a site if there are no attendees and allow another party to use
    the system.
  • Distribute agenda and other materials. Send the materials via e-mail to the participants or appoint a facilitator at each site and send the materials to them to distribute at the meeting. Provide participants with a phone number of the host site videoconference room. Instruct them to call this number first if having problems. It is the responsibility of the host site to contact the IVN Help Desk if there are problems.

On the day of the meeting: Know who is in charge!

  • Arrive at the site 10 minutes prior to the event.
  • Begin your meeting on time. Open with an introduction or statement of the meeting title. An orientation piece can be viewed prior to the start of your meeting.
  • Take roll call of participants. Introduce those new to the group.
  • Review the agenda and time allotted. At the scheduled end-time of the videoconference, the system will automatically disconnect and shut down.
  • Establish ground rules for asking questions or providing information. Prior to speaking say: “This is Jane from Dickinson” or “This is Ted from UND”.

Etiquette during the conference: Know your equipment!

  • Depending upon the type of tech support you requested, there will either be a tech in the room at all times or monitoring the room. If you indicated no tech support is needed, make sure the participants know how to use the equipment.
  • Allow the on-screen site to finish speaking before answering.
  • Side conversations and other room noises are picked up by the microphones. It is a good idea to mute your microphones when not speaking.
  • Try to be within a camera’s field of vision when speaking.
  • Notify a technician immediately if you have problems. REMEMBER: The host site contacts the Help Desk. If any of the receiving sites are having problems, they should call the host site first, not the Help Desk.
  • In case an IVN Classroom Technician is not in the room – the campus may have left you a campus contact phone number OR call the ITD Help Desk toll-free at 877-328-4470.

Ending your conference:

  • Allow a few minutes for review and final questions.
  • The videoconference connection will end promptly at the scheduled time.