IVN Meeting Planning

Use this to begin your meeting planning process to help ensure a successful event.

Begin with Preliminary Planning: This information is intended for those individuals serving as facilitators of meetings or the person planning the meeting. The process of scheduling your event can be simplified if information is gathered before actually scheduling the event with your Campus IVN Coordinator.

  • Sites: Determine what sites/locations will be included in the videoconference event. Check out the Site Directory here.Video conference rooms – NDUS-IVN Rooms, NDSU Extension Rooms, Tribal College Rooms, State Agencies or K-12 schools – you will need to get their permission to schedule the room prior to scheduling. To ensure accurate information when scheduling, provide the city-site name-room name or number and if available the IP address.

    Decide which site will serve as the host site (originating site) for the event. Typically this site facilitates the videoconference and is usually the site from which the speaker originates. It also serves as the point of contact if a connection problem occurs.

  • Date/Time: Set the date(s), and specific times you want to use the room. Have at least one to two alternative dates and times selected in case your first choice is unavailable.
  • Other Information: Gather the following information prior to submitting the request:
    • Title of the Meeting
    • Name of person requesting event, name of organization or department, including phone number, e-mail address.
    • Name of person who will serve as facilitator of the meeting if different than requestor along with phone number and e-mail address.
    • Any audio visual equipment needs.
    • Determine if you plan to have handouts at the other sites. Make arrangements for their delivery and distribution.
  • Schedule the Event:
    • Contact the IVN Campus Coordinator via email (or call) — preferably contact the host site first (the site the presenter will use).   Click here for a  list of IVN Campus Coordinators.
    • Requests must be submitted a minimum of 2 days prior to the event.
    • Billing information – bills will be sent after the event via email, however a mailing address may also be requested.

A confirmation with reservation number will be provided once the event is scheduled.

For additional Frequently Asked Questions about Scheduling, click here.