Videoconferencing Fees

The North Dakota University System (NDUS) Credit Classes

For all NDUS credit classes, the credit granting institution will be responsible for paying for all classroom technician fees associated with the delivery of the class(es) to all participating IVN Public Rooms and all NDUS Local Rooms.  Refer to SBHE Procedure 805.3.2 NDUS Technical Support for IVN.

NDUS Meetings and Other Non-Credit Events

All meeting events that involve NDUS organizations and/or participants will be classified as an NDUS Meeting. For meetings, there are two levels of technical support as defined below. The NDUS IVN Campus Coordinators reserve the right to determine the level of service required based on the participants, the equipment needs, and the presentation requirements. The cost for NDUS activities will be absorbed by individual institutions.

Levels of Technical Support

Support Level #1 Campus meeting can be operated by event participants. IVN Campus Coordinator will provide equipment training.

Participants are either faculty or staff that have been trained on the equipment and know how to use it.

Support Level #2 Technicians will be on-hand to ensure the connection is established, conduct roll and will troubleshoot if necessary. Follow-up support will be provided on an on-call basis.

At each campus site, technicians will turn on equipment and provide troubleshooting. If necessary, equipment training for event participants will be provided.

The facilitator of the event will work with the IVN Campus Coordinator to determine how much technical support is required.

OTHER MEETINGS — Non-NDUS Meeting/Events

State and local government agencies and non-profit organizations may schedule NDUS IVN sites for meetings or events. Non-profit groups are those designated with a tax exempt status of 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6).  The level of technical support provided at each campus location is defined below.

  • Campus Responsibility — Technicians will be readily available. Technicians turn on equipment, conduct roll call and will troubleshoot if necessary.
  • Event Facilitator Responsibility — Shall work with the IVN Campus Coordinator of the host site of the event to determine how much technical support is needed or required.
  • Financial Responsibility/Fees  — All non-NDUS Groups will be charged $20 per hour per site to cover event administration and local technical support costs.  Each campus will separately invoice the group using the IVN services.

Changes or Cancellation

Changes must be submitted at least 2 business days prior to the event.