Tidbit 3: Mail Capacity & Limitations

Mail Capacity and Limitations:

Office 365 does have some capacity limitations. The limits are extreme and most users will never run up against them. But just in case, here they are:

Mailbox Capacity: 25 GB

This is   the total capacity of everything in your Office 365 mailbox. When capacity   reaches 24.75 GB of storage, you will not be able to send mail.

Message Size: 25MB

The   maximum total size of an e-mail message, including the header, body, and any   file attachments.

File Attachments: 125 attachments

The   maximum number of file attachments allowed in a single email message, even if   all attachments do not exceed the message size limit.

Subject Length: 255 characters

This is   the maximum number of text characters allowed in the subject line of an email   message.

Embedded Message Depth: 30 messages

The   maximum number of forwarded email messages that are allowed in an email   message.

Recipient Limits: 500

The   maximum number of message recipients allowed in the To:, Cc:, and Bcc:   fields.

Message Rate: 30 messages/minute

The   maximum number of email messages that can be sent from an account per minute.  

Recipient Rate: 1,500/day

In a   24-hour period, an account cannot send emails to more than 1,500 different   recipients. This applies to messages sent to recipients both inside and   outside of the NDUS. 


The next O365 Training Tidbit will show you how to check the size of your mailbox and how much space you have available.

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