Polycom Videoconferencing Expanding to the Desktop

NDUS SITS has adopted Polycom’s CMA (Converged Management Application) as the preferred solution for desktop video connectivity with traditional IVN rooms. Currently, about 40 users have been using CMA during the Fall 2012 semester to connect to IVN classes.

CMA is high definition capable and readily connects to traditional IVN conferences and telephone/audio conferences. The desktop software is available for both Windows and Mac machines and the entire feature set is delivered by both platforms.

The software is similar to the Polycom room systems. In addition, it also includes desktop-specific features like availability status and the ability to interconnect with other Windows and Mac CMA users.

In the future, CMA will be expanded and incorporated with the Microsoft Lync client. Meanwhile, other desktop video applications will be phased out. Contact David Belgarde (701-777-4232) of the NDUS Advanced Learning Technologies for more information.

As featured in the December 2012 SITS Newsletter.
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