New NDUS SITS Building in Grand Forks

Construction on the new NDUS IT Office building and remodel space for a new data center located on the UND campus has begun. Combined, the new construction will expand capabilities and increase efficiencies in providing IT services to all NDUS institutions. For the most part, Grand Forks-based NDUS SITS staff and most UND Information Technology Systems and Services staff will be brought together under one roof, which will provide unprecedented opportunities for collaboration.

Stay tuned for further information regarding these new NDUS IT facilities and pictures of construction progress.

Construction milestones include:

  • Summer 2012: Construction begins
  • Fall 2012: Interior office layout will begin
  • Summer 2013: Anticipated completion of construction
  • August 2013: Begin installation of modular walls and furniture for interior offices and cubicles
  • September 2013: Anticipated move in
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