Mobile Access to Campus Connection, HRMS Much Improved

Recent updates to the NDUS mobile portal has vastly improved access to both Campus Connection and the HRMS platforms.

The new landing page is Once there, students, faculty and staff will have the option of picking the student system called Campus Connection or the employee system called HRMS.

On the campus connection side of the house, students and faculty now have a much broader experience with their mobile devices. Students can now view and register for their classes, see exam schedules (at institutions where exam schedules are used), view grades, see advisor information, check waitlist status, review student calendars, check their school bills, see the status of their financial aid, and review account activity.

Faculty can now also use their smartphones and tablets check teaching schedules, exam schedules, class rosters, grade rosters, and view lists of their advisees.

On the HRMS side, faculty and staff will be able to access their payroll, benefits, leave and holiday information. Managers will also be able to access information about the people they supervise.

While the mobile link works best with mobile devices, it can also be used with a desktop web browser, Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari are all supported. Pages viewed will flex to fit depending on the device and browser that you use.

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